Make Your Own: Bitters

You’re in the right place if you want to learn how to make your own herbal formulas that help your gut and digestion. 

Maybe you’ve tried a bunch of different “diets” and “remedies”.  Only to be stuck with the same gut problems, or a host of new ones.
Do you suffer from regular digestive issues?
Digestive issues like… 
feeling moody and irritable (yes, this is a gut issue!)
sleepiness after meals
nasal stuffiness or mucus/phlegm after eating rich foods like ice cream
rumbling in your gut
silent or deadly farts (or as my sister and I would say: boops)
running to the bathroom, more than once or twice a day
swings in your appetite – ravenous the one day and hardly eat the next
trouble digesting heavier meals
feeling like there are always butterflies in your stomach (also known as a nervous or anxious stomach)
pain in your stomach or gut
indigestion from overeating, or plain old eating?
If you are tired of constantly not knowing what’s going on with your gut and know that you need to do something else. 
What you’re doing clearly isn’t working. 
But, you aren’t ready to make sweeping dietary changes, I’ve got something for you:

Make Your Own Bitters blends.


In the Make Your Own Bitters course I’ll teach you how to create an effective bitters blend. 

Because you’ve been through the ringer with your digestion, you want to know that you’re doing something that’s actually helping.

You want something that’s going to help you feel GOOD.

You’re tight on time, you’re overloaded with your never-ending to-do list.

You need something that’s easy, and portable.

You also want something that’s not going to cost a ton of money every month to help you feel better.

You’ll gain confidence in working with herbs.

Learn how to choose the right herbs for your symptoms in a systematic fashion.
Leave the guesswork and googling behind!
A simple and easy plan for making a bitters recipe.
My step-by-step guide for making a bitters recipe so you know the how’s and why’s of each herb’s job in the recipe.
No more “everything but the kitchen sink” herbalism!
The skills and tools you need to be confident in making any kind of bitters or herbal blend you need: a formulating system that works!

The class is self-paced and online.
You’ll have unlimited annual access to a combination of text, video and worksheets in a members-only area.


Membership benefits include: discounts for Bitters related products, and members-only products in the Shop!

You will receive special pricing if you choose to work with me as a client as well!

If you would like to register for membership, and have already taken the May 2021 Bitters class, get in touch with me.

Due to the nature of this course and membership, all sales are final and non-refundable. 

Please make an informed and Heart-centered decision before purchasing. 

If you have reservations, questions or concerns, I’m happy to discuss them with you via email or a quick phonecall

*** As always, if you are pregnant, nursing, on medications, or have pre-existing health conditions, always consult with your PCP or other healthcare practitioner.***