You don’t know what to eat because you have one heckuva complex health picture.

You don’t know what to eat, or what to cook.  You’ve been given a lot of conflicting advice.

You’ve been told to stop eating carbohydrates and eat Paleo, Autoimmune Paleo, Keto OR you’ll be told to eat MORE carbohydrates. Or to go vegan. Or eat only raw foods and juices. To do a cleanse of some kind.

You don’t know what to do, nothing makes sense. So you pick a diet at random, or based on another person’s glowing reviews. You don’t know if there’s sound logic, science or traditional wisdom behind the diet you’ve just signed up for. But you hope for the best and dive in anyway.

Well… I mean. You could do that!

You could see what happens.

When you have a complex, chronic, health condition it’s a bit more complex than getting into one strict diet and thinking that will solve everything.

And for a short time (6 weeks, or thereabouts) you MAY see an improvement. Yet, as the weeks and months go by you’ll notice that maybe you don’t feel so great after all.

Then you go back to eating how you were, or trying the next miracle diet. Hoping that something, anything, sticks and you feel better.

I get it! There’s a lot of noise out there in the food world. And it is really difficult to figure out what is real and what’s fluff.

You know the saying, “you are what you eat?”

I’d amend that to, “you are what you eat, and digest, and assimilate.”

When you suffer from a chronic, complex, and/or autoimmune health disorder, your digestive system is weak.

You could eat the best foods on earth, the healthiest foods available and not be able to digest and assimilate them into the building blocks of your body: absorbable nutrients. Energy. Blood. Minerals.

The most popular diets out there can ultimately do a disservice to you, your health condition and your digestive system.

What kind of digestive system do you need to eat Autoimmune Paleo or Keto (high-fat diets)?   

A strong one.

You know what weakens an already weak digestive system?

Too many carbohydrates, as in: grains, starches, etc.
Raw foods and juices. Cleanses.

Do you see the pickle we’re in between these approaches to food? 

You need something with a lot more nuance and balance than: don’t eat carbs, eat more carbs, eat more salads and raw vegetables, avoid carbs and eat more fat and protein.

No wonder figuring out what and how to eat is so darn confusing when you have a complex chronic health condition!

If you want to learn how to eat for a complex chronic condition, have it make sense, and feel satisfied and happy with what you eat, I’m launching a new cooking series.

In addition to my 11 years of clinical herbalist training and practice, I have over 15 years of experience in cooking for complex health conditions.

(Pssst – did you know that I was a personal chef for a family with multiple food allergies for over 7 years?)

I have successfully put Hashimoto’s into remission for over two years with this way of eating alone.

I’ve ushered clients into a life no longer ruled by IBS, migraines/headaches, and more.

I’ve walked clients with a dizzying array of “unrelated symptoms” through a food-plan that allowed them to thrive and return to their beloved activities!

I’d love to help you too.

No matter where you are on your health journey or the continuum of “chronic, complex, and/or autoimmune disordered health”. If you want to learn what to eat, how to cook, and why you’re doing what you’re doing. There is no better time than now.

Join me in this members-only cooking program and learn: 

How to cook simple and healing foods

Why a lot of the most common approaches don’t work in the long-term

Why gluten and dairy are not part of this way of eating

How to prepare everything you need for a healthy diet – from broths, meat and eggs, to vegetables and sprouted grains, and beyond – in delicious and simple ways

How to bake satisfying, light and decadent desserts

What tools, appliances and gadgets you really need

How to use your tools, appliances and gadgets
How to plan your meals and weekly shopping lists to get the most bang for your nutritional and monetary buck

Scale recipes for your family (hint: it is a lot easier than you think!)

Don’t have a ton of time to research and food prep each week? Learn how to pack a ton of food prep into a few hours on the weekend without exhaustive recipes.

What to keep in your pantry, fridge and freezer for healthy meals any day of the week.

Sure, you could learn all this stuff on your own for free.

But that takes time, and a lot of trial and error.

You run into roadblocks or get stuck, lose motivation.

I want to share my decades of dietary discovery with you, so you can succeed and get healthier starting today.

If you want to learn how to cook solid meals and know that what you are eating is helping you live your best life, and be as well and healthy as possible, this is the program for you.

Here are the details, which are subject to change as this series grows and evolves:

Step-by-step videos posted to a members-only page.

Workshops sprinkled throughout the year – from shifting your diet to align with the seasons, to experimenting with cooking and trying new foods, and beyond.

This is all remote and online: learn and cook at your own pace!

For as long as you are a member, you’ll have access to the growing library of recipes, workshops, worksheets, and more.

You’ll receive worksheets for meal-planning, and food combining ideas to mix things up.

Advice just for you with special one-on-one sessions (available with a membership upgrade).

A community of people also on this journey.

After all: eating for complex, chronic, autoimmune health means our diets look a bit different than everyone else’s.

You deserve to love your food, and have it love you back.

Let me show you how.

The first video is up on the page now: check it out, it’s free!

Decide you want to go all in and journey with me through my autoimmune kitchen?

See you in the kitchen.