Water Filters

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I live in Brooklyn.  I drink NYC municipal tap water.

This is the third city water I’ve been subjected to (see:  Albuquerque, and Providence.)  It is not the same as the well water that I grew up on in the Lower Hudson Valley, hard delicious water rich in minerals and very clean tasting.  While taste is important, what has been added and naturally in the water is even more important.

Albuquerque has arsenic and uranium in the water, Providence water had a weird taste that I still can’t put my finger on.

I find NYC‘s water to be overly chlorinated, to the point where I can smell the chlorine coming out of the faucet, among other ills that the Department of Water has done to the water supply.  The fact that I wash my hands with, bathe in and drink this water boggles my mind.  The EWG rates Providence as having the second best water in the country.  Dispelling the myth that NYC has the best city tap water in the country, the best water prize went to Arlington, TX in 2009, leaving NYC at lucky number 13.

Ever since living in Providence for college, I have used a Brita water filter.  When I lived in Albuquerque, I sometimes got freaked out enough by the water’s contaminants that I bought bottled water.  When I returned to Providence (for grad school, and work) I switched from the pitcher filter to the tap filter attachments which were great except I had to replace the filter every month!  I do a ton of cooking, and make my own stocks.  Those filters get expensive when you go through gallons of water on a weekend cooking spree.  When I moved to Brooklyn, I used the tap filter and the pitcher filter for two years, then just the pitcher filter.  Still, I was stuck changing the filters every month or so and got very tired of it.

Thankfully, my parents gave me money to get a Berkey water filter system for my birthday.  This filter system is great, it even has add-on filters for fluoride and arsenic which I purchased at the same time. At first the water tasted, well, tasteless but now I see that the water just doesn’t taste adulterated.  It is great to no longer have to think about what a Brita filter is not filtering, and now drinking Brita filtered water at work is challenging.  I’m thinking about getting one of those small travel Berkeys so I can keep it at work (or schlepping a big water jug full of water each way every day at work.)

Am so happy to have a better water filtration system.  What’s even better is that this system breaks down into a small box, it is stainless steel, the filters are ceramic (main) and plastic (fluoride/arsenic) and last for thousands of gallons.  If you are considering getting a different, or new, water filter system I highly recommend a Berkey system.

Of course you can always get an under the sink filter, but for a renter like myself, the Berkey system works a treat.