Thoughts on Experiencing a Healing Crisis

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Last week marked my first full year(1) of being on my herbal formula, it has been an interesting year; and the last couple of months I have seen huge leaps in my progress.

Winter on Tug Hill, NY

On my one year decoction(2)anniversary, I felt terribly cold – even with more than adequate warm clothing and layers on!  I’ve been trying to listen to my intuition more often, as I tend to dismiss it, and so heard my intuition telling me to take a particular herb in homeopathic form to help “warm” me up.(3)  At first I thought I had given myself a heart attack, or was experiencing a panic attack (I have suffered from those in the past), then I realized I was fine.  I sat down on the A train, and took my pulse every so often, then did the same on the L train – evaluating what was going on, how my breathing was, how my heartbeat was, etc.  Everything was normal, but I had this sharp pain in my chest!  Why was I experiencing this sharp heart-ache?  What was happening in my life that was giving me such pain?  I contacted my mentor, who told me to keep track of how I felt for the next 24 hours. The next week was very interesting: had lots of insights, and even got jolted out of a useless mind-obsessive-loop in the form of tripping up a set of stairs! I realized that the homeopathic allowed the energy in my body to break through and into my heart, allowing me to feel things that I had purposely blocked off long ago.  It allowed me to see the deeper reasoning behind a lot of actions, feelings (both happy and hurtful) that have been in my life for a long time.  It was just what I needed, just when I needed it!  Thank you Intuition. 

Sometimes healing crises are events where you feel physically better and worse (ie an old illness rears its head, but overall you feel much better) and sometimes a healing crisis has more psychological/emotional/spiritual components – both are brought on by a change (diet, herbal, lifestyle), both are short-lived.  Sometimes a healing crisis and wrong formula/herb/diet are confused with each other.  For more information about healing crises (and wrong formulas), check out the following blog post:

Valley of Fire, NM

Additional Information: 
It is said to allow 2-3 months of herbal therapy for every year that one has experienced a particular imbalance, 1 month if the person does everything recommended (ie incorporating all dietary, lifestyle and herbal recommendations together for a fuller/larger effect.)  I have been experiencing certain issues for half of my life, so knew up front that I’d probably have to be on my herbal formula for at least 18 months before trying a few months without it. That means I still have another 6 months to go, even though I’ve been feeling like I’m not needing my formula/decoction as much.
A decoction is a tea that is slowly simmered, uncovered and reduced in volume while cooking up to 1 hour (depending on the ingredients sometimes this time is more, sometimes less.) An infusion has the ingredients steeped in just boiled water, in a covered vessel, for about 20 minutes (depending on the ingredients, some infusions are made by steeping the herbs in cold water for several hours.)
Homeopathics are very dilute versions of herbs, minerals, etc that help to rebalance the body.  I find homeopathics to be very powerful when used appropriately, although they can have unwanted side effects.
Water Lily, taken in RI