Spring Flower Essences

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I adore Spring; how the trees assume glows of color – bright green, yellow, orange, red, pink, white – in the form of new buds and flowers.  I love the flush of life, and the trout lilies that carpet the forest; and especially the green and purple mottled leaves with yellow flowers that seemingly float over last autumn’s foliage.

Where I grew up, Bloodroot used to be everywhere, but they are showing up less and less now.  I plan on planting some (along with other endangered species native to the area) in an enclosed forest space to protect the plants from the grazing habits of the deer who apparently love everything but the invasive garlic mustard plant, unfortunately.  Side note: Garlic mustard is edible, delicious, and invasive – so harvest to your heart’s content, especially before the blossoms appear and the seed head forms!  Feel free to pluck the entire plant (and roots) from the ground – discard the roots away from the forest to prevent the plant from returning later in the season and the following year.

I traveled up to my childhood home this past weekend, and kept thinking about dandelion and violet flower essences.  Typically, I will use black tourmaline, bloodstone, Bach’s Rescue Remedy and/or yarrow essences.  I have other flower essences around, and do enjoy them as well, but the four previously mentioned are the ones I always have in my purse with me.  I’m “new” to flower and gem essences, and have only been using the Bach’s Rescue Remedy for about a year now.  Suffice it to say, I am late to the flower essence game!  When I packed my bag for my weekend trip, I also brought some sterilized blue bottles, caps, droppers, clear glass “pinch” (or prep) bowls, distilled water, brandy and a funnel in case I got lucky with the weather.

While a tincture is a concentrated extract of an herb (flower, stem, leaf, bark, root, rhizome, etc.) an essence is a dilute extract of a flower (and sometimes gems, leaves, etc.)   Both tinctures and essences reawaken and re-balance the body.  Flower essences work on the vibrational, subtle, energetic, level of the body – thus they contain the energetic imprint of the plant material that is captured in the water and stabilized with brandy.

Here is how you make a flower essence:
1. Get all of your supplies: clear glass bowl – no markings, distilled/spring/rain water, brandy (I used an Italian brand), amber/violet/black/blue bottles with droppers (preferably), funnel, strainer.  Sterilize the bottles, funnel, strainer, etc.
2.  Wait for a perfectly clear, cloudless, sunny day – select your flowers.  It is best to pick your flowers early in the morning (I picked mine at 10am – it was only 45F out after being 35F all night!)
3.  Ask your flowers if they’d be willing to be turned into flower essences, tell them what you plan on doing with them, and assure them that they will be put to good use.  (Additionally, I promised them that I would eat as many of them as possible, when possible.)  In my opinion, you must have the plants permission to make any sort of plant medicine from them.
4.  Once you and  your flowers have come to an understanding, get a piece of leaf from that particular plant (if possible) and pluck the flowers, gently placing them into the bowl.  I did half of mine pre-filled with water, and the other half without water – I do not think it made a difference.  Be sure to not touch the flowers themselves with your hands.
5.  As I wanted a particular amount of flower essence, I measured and poured that into the bowls.  So, I planned ahead and used bowls that were small enough to float the flowers on the amount of water that I wanted, and cover the entire surface of the water at the same time.
6.  Leave this bowl in full sunlight, without any exposure to shadows from trees, clouds, people, etc. undisturbed for three or four hours.  (Note: I had to move mine twice as tree shadows were encroaching on my essences – talk about panic!)
7.  When your time is up, fill the bottle with the amount of brandy you need (should be a 50/50 mix, but a friend told me that 30%ABV is best to prevent deterioration of the essence.)
8.  Insert the funnel into the bottle and pour the flower essence into the bottle.  I did not bother with a strainer since I left my flowers whole (and they were big enough not to slide into the bottle.)
– – This is what is called the stock bottle.

To use the flower essence:
1.  Make a 50/50 mix of Brandy/water and fill a small dropper bottle with this mixture.
2.  Add 2-7 drops of the stock bottle’s essence to this bottle.
3.  Now you have Flower Essence, ready to take anywhere with you!
4.  Flower essences may be taken in 2-4 drop doses, up to four times per day.
– – I read that you can use plain water instead of the 50/50 mix if you plan on using your flower essence right away.  In this case, I’d probably use only 2 drops of essence per glass of water – as the greater the dilution, the greater the essence’s power.

Vinca, Periwinkle – Vinca minor
Promotes peace, instills peace,  compassion and forgiveness for both oneself and others. Aids in the ability and grace to move through uncomfortable situations and paths, reminding that all is well, and as it should be.


Dandelion – Taraxacum officinale
Promotes awareness and release of emotional tension held in muscle tissue; increases body-mind communication so we are better able to identify the underlying issues and attitudes that lead to the creation and holding of tension in our bodies.  Releases stress and emotions long held within the body so that one can relax and express emotions.

Forsythia – Oleacea intermedia
Helps to open up to our spiritual nature, and brings a sense of freedom and joy from that opening.  Encourages growth on all levels (physical, spiritual, emotional) and bolsters one to keep moving forward.

Japanese Pearl Flower – Pieris japonica
Helps to recognize, listen, hear and interpret our thinking patterns in relation to others’.  Helps one to understand their style of thought process, to help separate the ego from what is actually being said.  Supports discernment, awareness, and helps dissolve beliefs blocking our hearing and interpretation.  Opens up the ability to listen and hear our thoughts as well as others’.

Violet (Common Blue Violet) – Viola sororia
I had trouble finding information about this particular species, so am using info for Viola papilionacea:
For those who prefer solitute, who are shy but desire contact with others. This person seems cool and aloof, but they are fearful of being overwhelmed by others and losing their sense of self.  This person is lonely.  Violet helps the person trust that being with others is a positive experience, especially in sharing.  It therefore helps with those with intimacy issues, as well as shy children and pets.

If you would like to try some of my flower essences, please refer to my Products page for more information!

Forsythia helps us open up to our spiritual nature, bringing joy and a sense of freedom in that realisation.
Oleacea intermedia
– See more at: http://www.baileyessences.com/shop/forsythia/#.dpuf
Forsythia helps us open up to our spiritual nature, bringing joy and a sense of freedom in that realisation.
Oleacea intermedia
– See more at: http://www.baileyessences.com/shop/forsythia/#.dpuf