An infusion to support the body’s Qi, support the Kidneys (aka adrenals), support the Liver and digestive processes, and benefit the Brain and Nervous System.

Fun fact: in Chinese Medicine, the Brain is considered a “mysterious organ” that’s part of the Kidney system!

First, the recipe:

1 handful of dark mulberries
1TB eleuthero root
1tsp gotu kola
1tsp Oregon Grape Root

This makes enough infusion for two days, if you drink two cups per day.

  1. Take all and place in a 4 cup French press (or other heat-proof vessel with a lid).
  2. Pour just boiled water over the herbs.
  3. Cover with the lid, then let steep for a minimum of 30 minutes.
  4. Strain (or in the case of the French press… press), then drink one cup in the morning, and another before 2pm.
  5. You have the option to drink this with or without your milk of choice and to sweeten with honey/your choice of sweetener if desired.

About the herbs…

Dark Mulberries
(called Sang Shen in TCM)
Mulberries are a Blood and Yin tonic. That means they help build the parts of you that keep you soft, lubricated, moving. How to know you could use support from an herb like this:
You work hard, and then have trouble sleeping because you’re so tired but you’re also so wired!
Your stool tends to be on the dry or “difficult” side
You have nutrient absorption issues (aka digestive issues). Mulberries are high in fiber, iron and vitamin C. You need iron and vitamin C to build Blood. Fiber supports our digestive and elimination systems.
This herb is cooling and moistening.
Also known as Siberian ginseng, or ci wu jia in TCM.
This herb tonifies Qi, calms the Shen, invigorates the Blood, warms the Kidneys, and supports the Stomach and Spleen. Eleuthero is an adaptogen, however it is stimulating and you shouldn’t use it long-term. This is best for use when you can’t seem to get over the hump of the daytime fatigue-insomnia cycle. If you tend to reach for the cup of coffee or tea, or snack on chocolate, mid afternoon, then can’t sleep at night… try this herb instead.
This herb is slightly warming and balancing (neither drying, nor moistening).
Gotu Kola
An Ayurvedic herb, this herb helps to balance the Kidneys (aka adrenals and Brain function). It is relaxing for Pitta, Calms Vata (in the mind), and reduces excess Kapha in the body. Used in India for skin issues, gotu kola is a wonderful topical for such uses.
Gotu kola tempers Eleuthero’s stimulating effects. It also works with Eleuthero’s adaptogenic and mysterious organ supportive functions. Supporting and nourishing the nervous system, this herb supports sleep through calming Shen.
This herb is cooling and drying (for those with excess Kapha).
Oregon Grape Root
A wonderful herb for cleansing the lymph, which tends to get claggy during winter months. OR Grape root stimulates Liver function (and bile flow). It also clears internal Heat and is great for skin conditions.
This herb is cooling and drying.
An alternative to Oregon Grape root would be Fringe Tree bark, Chionanthus virginicus. This herb is a laxative and is effective for Gallbladder issues: stuffy feeling under right rib cage, intestinal gas and bloating. It also stimulates bile flow!
I’m going to try some Fringe Tree in my next batch of this tea, see how it goes…
Contraindications: if you are pregnant, nursing, are on any medications whatsoever, have a heart condition, or a chronic disease (or acute one for that matter), you should always check with an herbalist before taking herbs!

To watch me make the tea, burn my arm, and talk a bit about how and why this formula came together, give this video a whirl!