I LOVE ginger soaks in these colder months.

They are so easy, and a great excuse to sit on the couch with a good book or movie.

I’m going to let you in on a secret:  I’m a lazy herbalist.  I use powdered dried ginger for my ginger soaks.  It’s easier, and because it is easier it means I am more apt to follow through on this activity!

If you are motivated, you can get fresh ginger: slice a three-inch piece into thin coins.  Then, put the ginger slices in a small pot of water, bring to a boil then turn off.


Next: get your foot soaking bucket out.


Fill with hot water (as hot as you can tolerate without being burned or scalded), add Epsom salts if you desire, and powdered ginger (I use 2TB per soak).  If you are using fresh ginger, put some cold water in your soaking tub, then add the hot ginger steep (ginger pieces and all), then top off with water at the hot-but-not-scalding temperature recommended above.

Set a towel on the floor wherever you’ll be sitting, put the bucket on top, roll up your pants and plunk your feet into the water and sit for a good 20-30 mins.

I’m reading about six books right now, including this one (affiliate link); I’m also journaling, taking two classes, and I love my TV and movies so I’m usually well-entertained during my soak-time.

Once the 20-30mins has passed, dry your tootsies off, dump the water, cover your feet with socks, and go about your day.

Try to do this earlier in the day, versus at night, so that your body can make use of ginger’s warmth for the entire day!