Citrus peels are fantastic for regulating the Qi (energy, movement) of your Spleen and Stomach (digestive system).  They all resolve Phlegm and Dampness in some way, and can assist with the Lungs (ie cough, wheezing, sputum) or with the Liver (smooth flow of Qi, elimination).

Watch the video below for a deep dive into the following citrus peels:

  • Tangerine/Mandarin (Chen Pi)
  • Green Tangerine/Mandarin (Qing Pi)
  • Bitter Orange, Aurantium (Zhi Shi/Zhi Ke)
  • Buddha’s Hand (Fo Shou)
  • Pomelo and Grapefruit

I also give little tidbits about Chinese Medicine, and how to eat when you need herbs such as these!