Not just great for headaches, an upset tummy, or menstrual cramps – this tea fits the bill when you want to relax, relieve stress, or address any of the aforementioned.

Place 1oz chamomile and 4 slices of fresh ginger (about 2mm thick) into a jar, pot, or other container with a lid (1oz of chamomile is about 2 large handfuls)

  1. Pour 1pt/250mL of boiling water over the herbs
  2. Cover and steep for 20 mins.
  3. Strain, then drink while hot.
  4. You can re-steep the tea up to two times, with weaker effects each consecutive time.

Note: you can eat the chamomile and ginger slices – I like the strained flowers and ginger slices on top of poached pears. Try it! It satisfied the desire for sweet we often have during our periods, the chamomile provides the soothing minerals we need, while the ginger provides the heat to keep everything moving, warm and easy to digest.


If you have Blood Deficiency/Anemia:

Add 1TB each of goji berries and raisins, and then molasses to taste and steep with the chamomile and ginger tea from above, for the full 20 minutes. The goji berries and raisins are great eating after the 20 minute steep period – they get nice and soft, and are easier to digest than in their dried state.