Herbal Medicine Making in NYC – Recap

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On December 9th, I had the privilege to teach an Herbal Medicine Making class at the December meeting of the NYC Chapter of the American Herbalists Guild (AHG).  Despite the nasty weather, it was pouring buckets all day, around 10 people attended a two-hour long class that was interactive, fun and filled with learning and herbal goodies.

I wanted to share with you the photos that the students took during the class.  We started with a tea to drive out a cold-type wind invasion (ie a cold/flu with white/clear mucus, chills, aversion to wind and cold, inability to get warm, etc.) in honor of the weather.  Then we had some nettles infusion, fresh mint infusion, elderberry-rose hip-sage-honey syrup, echinacea root tincture, and finished by passing out the herbs for folks to make Jade Screen decoction at home.

It was a blast, and I thank the NYC Chapter of the AHG for hosting the event!

I love sharing my passion for herbs with others, and showing people that making your own herbal medicine is very easy.  If you are interested in having me teach you, or a group of folks, contact me!

Quaternity Holistics Herbal Medicine Class