Herb School

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I’ve been “going to” East West School of Herbology for just over a year now.  It is a self-study, distance-learning course where you pay for either the home or professional course, have all of your materials sent to you, then you are responsible for turning in assignments/projects based on your own schedule.  Needless to say, one must have a certain degree of self discipline in order to make progress with this course.

In the past I had dabbled in herbal remedies, but did not have a learned system or anything along those lines.  This course though teaches Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine (forthwith known as TCM) methods of energetic diagnosis.  That means that not all colds and flus are created equal – there is no one remedy that will cure the types of colds/flus out there!  One type of cold may produce a lot of yellow snot (this is indicative of heat) and another cold may produce a lot of white/clear snot (this is indicative of cold) – the herbs given for each of these maladies are quite different with their goals for treatment.  This explains why so many herbal remedies work sometimes, but not always.  When one learns the diagnostic/differentiation methods, one obtains more accurate results, faster. 

I’m proud to say that after more than a year’s worth of hard work, and some breaks in between, I’ve achieved gold-star student of the month status!  (You can see the bio here, I’m October 2012.)  I will post helpful hints and tips here every once in a while too!