Finished, for now!

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On May 2, I got my Planetary Herbologist certificate from the East West School of Herbology.  The Planetary Herbologist certificate means that not only have I completed all 36 lessons and the final exam, but also the annual Seminars successfully.  I have such mixed emotions being done with this part of my herbal journey!  There was no better program that offered an introduction to herbalism for me than this one, and I doubt my love of TCM theory and herbalism would not have been sparked nearly as bright if I had gone through another program.  I am going to miss being in regular contact with my teachers, and my classmates, everyone has inspired me with their own journeys.

For now, I am relaxing, reestablishing good self-care habits, and am learning what it feels like to be done with the first step while discovering what the next step is!


My graduating class, and teachers, from the East West School of Herbology facebook page.  I am on the bottom left.