Doing the Work: Stumbling Blocks

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Anytime we start implementing changes in our lives, doing the work that needs to be done, we eventually encounter a stumbling block, or many stumbling blocks.

This is what happens when you start doing “the work”.  How do you overcome and persevere amongst these stumbling blocks?

A scenario that I have been observing, over and over amongst different people, is perfectionism.  I see a lot of people pressuring themselves to be what they perceive to be “perfect” then giving up when that perfection isn’t able to manifest.  Guess what?!

There is no such thing as perfect.

If there was, we wouldn’t have to be working on this issue, or need to be doing the work.  Everyone has work that needs to be done – the work each of us has to do is different from person to person.

The heart of this perfectionism is often acceptance and the willingness to move forward despite all of the obstacles and hardships.  If everything has to be perfect all the time, how can we accept ourselves in totality: flaws and all?

If you can’t break through the wall, do you give up or find another way around the wall?

When I grow tired of trying to break through the wall, I often take a nice bath, make a cup of tea, have a good cry, listen to music, go for a long walk, and then move forward.

What do you do when you grow tired of banging your head on the wall, trying to get it to break?

How has your health and well-being been affected by how you approach your work and stumbling blocks?