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Hiya folks!

I know I’ve been a little absent here at Tug Hill Holistics lately…

I have been creating a lot of resources in the interim.

Need support for Allergy Season?

In the on-demand class, you’ll learn the remedies, supplements, herbs and homeopathics, along with other strategies, that I most often recommend to clients, friends and family.

Want to learn the remedies that an Herbalist keeps in her Medicine Cabinet for Colds and Flu’s and other Seasonal Illnesses?

And, more importantly: how she uses those remedies effectively?

If you have the thought, “oh no, I think I might be getting sick. No, I’m fine. I’m good. I can’t get sick, I’m too busy to get sick, it’ll”, you should start taking remedies as soon as that thought finishes!

Obviously your first line of defense is prevention.

Second best is having your own medicine cabinet filled with remedies.

That’s what The Herbalist’s Medicine Cabinet workshop is here to teach you.

In this workshop, you’ll learn what to keep in your medicine cabinet to not only prevent colds and flus from taking hold, but more importantly what to have on hand for when they do settle in!

Want to be prepared while you travel, but don’t want to bring your WHOLE medicine cabinet?

In the Travel Essentials on-demand class, you learn the essentials an herbalist never travels without and how to use the remedies effectively.

From cold/flu support, to optimal immune support, to digestive support, and more you don’t want to miss this!

Learn how and when to take a variety of remedies so that you stay as healthy as possible during your next trip. Remedies included: herbs, supplements, homeopathics, topicals, and kitchen-remedies.

Want to learn how food can shift you into a greater state of wellness?

In the Using Food to Balance Yin and Yang mini-class, you’ll take a quiz then receive a pdf handout for strategies to balance your inner Yin and Yang with food.

Want health-promoting recipes at your fingertips?

In the My Autoimmune Kitchen Cookbook (ebook), you’ll learn a variety of simple recipes, their key nutritional components and Chinese Medicine energetics.

Currently these resources are housed over at My Autoimmune Kitchen. It’s still me, just with a food focus! 🙂