In Dreams

Estimated read time… 3 minutes I’ve had vivid dreams my entire life. I’ve also experienced issues relating to good, quality sleep (aka insomnia). I’ve tried all the formulas that Chinese Medicine offers, and they don’t help.  Not in the long term anyway. The Daoist traditional thought surrounding dreams is that the dreams of common man are seen as insignificant.  The […]

Roses – the Valentine’s Symbol of Love

Estimated read time… 3 minutes Heralding the turning point of winter, we have recently celebrated the Lunar New Year and Imbolc, and now: Valentine’s Day.
Today is a reminder to tend to the inner fire and sanctum of our Hearts.

Finding Gratitude

Estimated read time… 4 minutes 2020 is not going the way any of us thought it would. So much is changing, in upheaval, and we are learning that the world was never a certain place and that we have always had to adapt and work for the kind of world we want to live in. One thing I’m still mourning […]

Self Care in Times of Uncertainty

Estimated read time… 2 minutes I hope that you are safe and well amidst our new daily lives.  Here in Brooklyn, things are radically changed outside of my small abode, yet inside day to day life is quiet and slow.  I am rather privileged and lucky in that regard, and am grateful for my circumstances and those who are out […]

Stratification and Renewal

Estimated read time… 5 minutes Here we are, after January 1st and before Chinese New Year (January 25), which officially marks the turning from the most Yin time of year into the beginning of the Yang time of year. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, we are still in the depths of winter, ever slowly approaching spring, waiting, hushed, for the […]

Letting the Ideal You Go

Estimated read time… 6 minutes I hope you have been shining your light in the world in the way only you can.   I’ve been huddled under a proverbial lamp, in a cave, working on a project that has morphed from a two part blog post about the herb Albizia into… 63 pages, and it is nowhere near finished.  I […]

Gratitude for my Reality

Estimated read time… 3 minutes The dreaded ides of April… otherwise known as tax season in the U.S.  Everywhere I go, seems folks are groaning about their taxes.  I know I have been lamenting just how much I’ve procrastinated on mine this year, but something funny happened…  As I sat reviewing my year of work as an herbalist, I saw […]

Releasing What Has Been Held – the Breath and the Lungs

Estimated read time… 3 minutes I lost a dear friend and companion, my cat Norton, who was by my side for almost 15 years to cancer at the end of April.  I was devasted from the time I got his cancer diagnosis until his peaceful death at home. Yet, soon after Norton’s passing, my husband and I found ourselves fostering […]

Making the Choice to Change

Estimated read time… 7 minutes It is the week after the completion of an intense two year course with esteemed Chinese Medicine practitioner, scholar and teacher Lonny Jarrett (called Clinical Integration).  I’m reflecting on the two year homework assignment we were given, in addition to all of the readings and practicing what we have learned in class: if you could […]

Coffee Alternative: Buddha’s Hand with Cherries Tea

Estimated read time… 6 minutes   My piece de resistance blend of the moment, now that I’ve quit coffee, is new crop sencha green tea, sour cherries, dried Buddha’s Hand, and fresh ginger. Sometimes I’ll add teensy bit of raw honey, just to give it a little more sweetness and body.  Other times, I’ll leave out the green tea and […]

Ending the Affair: Quitting Coffee

Estimated read time… 5 minutes   Having quit coffee on more than one occasion, with this most recent cessation of the caffeinated version in March 2016 (still going strong!), I wanted to share some options that I’ve been working with.  I quit decaf coffee (having more than once per week) a few months ago, which was oddly the more difficult […]

Bitter-sweet Memories: Our Love Affair with Coffee and Chocolate

Estimated read time… 8 minutes I, like most people, have had a near lifelong love affair with coffee and chocolate. And, as with all affairs, these relationships have an expiration date. I remember being in middle school and coercing my father into letting me have some “coffee” with him in the mornings.  He’d mix a teeny amount of instant coffee […]