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Are you getting the (health)Care that you deserve?

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Estimated read time… 5 minutes Do I have a story for you!  I think you will resonate with it.   This is about two medical doctor interactions that I recently had. One demonstrates a “don’t do this”. The other “do this”, for me and how I approach my health.   This story’s also about: What it’s like to challenge the […]

Making Inner Connections with Chinese Medicine

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Estimated read time… 4 minutes I had an amazing session with a client who I’ve been working with for a few months the other day. She came to work with me because she wanted to dive deeper with herbs and Chinese Medicine. She wanted to learn more about the connections between her lived experience and what Chinese Medicine offers. And, […]

Are you listening?

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Estimated read time… 3 minutes Another topic has been on my mind so much the past year and I wanted to speak about it.  Alas, the best laid plans are indeed of mice and men because… I came down with a horrendous cold!   This cold has been a good lesson in letting things rest as they are for the […]

Tug Hill Herb Harvest – July 2021

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Estimated read time… 5 minutes I am settled back home in Brooklyn after a few-day trip up to Tug Hill.  The purpose of the trip was not to harvest herbs, but to connect deeply to myself and to Nature. My great-aunt, a six (maybe even seven!) decades-long resident of Tug Hill, said that everything is off this year in terms […]